Snook Fishing


Florida Snook Fishing

 The Snook Is one of the most sought after gamefish for inshore fisherman. Fishing for these tastey fish can be done from shore or from a boat. Fishing Guides are kept very busy by anglers fishing the Everglades, East coast inlets, intercoastal waterways, and backwater sloughs for Snook. Snook fishing is for all ages.


Florida SnookSnook can grow as large as 60 pounds and range from Florida to Brazil. South Florida offers the finest Snook fishing to be had. Florida snook can be found laying under a dock, sitting in the current under a bridge, relaxing in the shade of manrgove roots, cruising the shoreline of the beach, or hiding out in a coral reef. Snook will congregate to find a mate in the inlets of the east coast of Florida in the summer months or in the passes of the west coast. Catching spawning snook can be difficult because their interest is more on love than food. Finding the right bait to use will make the difference between catching fish or getting skunked. Summer snook are protected and should be handled gentley and released. Snook season opens in September but that doesn't mean you can't take advantage of some excellent catch and release fishing.
Dianne Peebles Snook

 South East Florida Snook fishing has remained constant despite the west coast die off from the cold winters. Snook on the East coast of Florida are able to swim into the ocean which is warmed by the temperate waters of the Gulf Stream when inshore waters' temperatures plumett. These fish can be caught in the inlets such as the port of Miami, Port Everglades, Hillsboro inlet, Haulover inlet, Boca inlet, Boynton inlet, Palm Beach inlet, Jupiter inlet, and other inlets to the north. Jupiter inlet and Port Everglades have historically been the best inlets for catching snook.